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How to Create a PDF

When a document is saved as a PDF, its more easier to share it with others particularly when you don’t want to worry much about unauthorized changes being made to the document or file compatibility. Though Adobe has already created the format, you are not allowed to buy their software application to create and view PDFs. However, there are many free programs out there that you can use to create PDF compatible with PDF viewer.


1. You will need to download and install a PDF printer driver(PrimoPDF, Solid PDF Creator and Bullzip PDF Printer). There are many companies out there that offer this software application for free.

2. Now you need to open the document you want to convert to PDF. Any document can be converted which can be printed, with text documents, images, spreadsheets and websites.

3. Click on “File” and then select “Print.”

4. Select the name of your PDF software application from the drop-down menu named “Printer Name.”

5. Click on “OK.” Some software application may ask you to select the PDF quality. Give name to your PDF and then select the location where you intend it to be saved. Now hit “Enter” to create the PDF file.


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