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Difference Between CV and Resume

The resume is always mistakenly used as a replacement for a curriculum vitae- CV. A CV and a resume both gives a detail summary of your historical and professional accomplishments, hence serving the same purpose. You need to understand the differences between these two documents and when to use them to in order to fully utilize your professional or career opportunities.

What is a CV?

A CV is a well documented and informative summary of your professional qualifications and experience. It is usually arranged in chronological order explaining your work experience, achievements and education in details. This document is extensively detailed in nature, hence, it usually comprise two or more pages. A CV remains the same no matter the job you are applying for unlike a Resume.

What is a Resume?

A Resume gives a brief summary your education, experience and other relevant information. A Resume is usually written in one page targeting the particular position you are applying for, hence, it does not have to be chronological in order or document your professional history entirely as it is customizable in nature.

Which Document to Use?

The type of job or work you are applying for will determine which document you should use. A CV is usually used when you are applying for fellowships or grants in the United States and it is often used when applying for educational, scientific or academic positions but Resume is preferred and the standard when applying for job vacancies.

What are the Differences?

Though in the United States the preferred and the standard document for applying for job opportunities is a Resume, this not so in other countries. A CV is the preferred and the standard document for applying for job opportunities In Europe and Nigeria.

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